Shut Up. We're Talking.
Darren and Karen present this commentary podcast covering recent topics found within the MMORPG Blogging and Podcasting community.
Shut Up. We're Talking #40 SUWT end of year special with Darren, Karen, Michael and John.
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Shut Up. We're Talking #39
  • Introductions
  • Listener mail/What we're playing
  • The Gates are Open
  • Another Bartle Factor
  • Blog of the Week

  • Darren -
  • Karen - Journey's with Jaye
  • Marc - The Craft of War
  • Jute - Revelry and Honor

  • Community Managemetn
  • MarketPlace Flop
  • My RMT Suggestions
  • And this he's worried about?
  • Jack Bauer Wounldn't have these issues
  • RMT Rumours

    Blog of the Week:
  • Limited Edition
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    Shut Up. We're Talking #38 Scenario:
    The team chats and rants while playing LotRO (or EQ2 in Karen's case).
    Note: There may be some explicit language int his show.

    - Darren
    - Karen
    - Michael
    - Craig
    - Adam
    - Brent


    Join our Monday game group along with Karen to discuss:

    - DDO static group postmortem
    - Tabula Rasa postmortem
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